Script Development

Workshopping scripts from writers and writer support. 

"Some people say you can only tell if a script is either really good or really bad when it’s read out loud but it also depends on who by and how."

6016 runs Act 2, a Nottingham based new writing development scheme based at Nottingham Playhouse, which facilitates both the Write Club regular writers' meetings and the Origins rehearsed readings platform.

Write Club runs fortnightly in Nottingham based at Cast at Nottingham Playhouse on Monday evenings from 7-9pm. Writers and actors are invited to join us to read the work brought to the session by writers and engage in giving feedback. If you are bringing scripts to be read please bring enough photocopies for one per performer and yourself, and running to no more than 12 pages. The group is informal and is designed to offer friendly feedback and support to writers working on their scripts. There is no need to book, just turn up. 

This term's dates are available on the Act 2 website here.

For more information please use the email link in the Contact Us area of the site.

Origins, our rehearsed readings programme, offers a platform for emerging theatre writers and makers to develop new work by staging readings of their pieces with actors and supplying useful feedback after a performance to the public. Working with script over a period of around one month, we start a creative conversation around the text: discussing ideas, rehearsing parts of the piece and working towards a rehearsed reading in front of a small audience, followed by an informal discussion with written feedback too.

Origins, as a platform, has produced 16 new play readings by 14 regional writers: Renfield by Marty Ross, Truth's Vision by Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper, Yankee Zulu, Bad Blood and UKexit by Hugh Dichmont, Stasis by Emily Holyoake, The Visit by Subika Anwar, The Absence of Consequence by Jack Burrows, The Big Hat by Martha Patterson, Measuring Us and Motherland by Kayleigh Phillips, Escape To Euroland by Ian Collinson, Stateless by Gary Berezin, Send Them Back by Keith Large, Whatever by Francesca Lees and 'Dis Functional Family by Richard Garton.

We continue to look for plays to produce as part of Origins however most of the work we take to this stage comes from scripts initially developed via Write ClubAgain, for more information please use the email link in the Contact Us area of the site.

From my playwriting experience, having an outside-eye looking over work has been massively beneficial to my process as a writer, to the script and to any subsequent performance or reading of it. Having work read is an important part of the development of a script and something that can benefit any writer, from beginners all the way through to seasoned pros. If you want to have your work read and some feedback sent (although I am doing this on my own time and cannot promise an answer every time) then email it to me using the link in the Contact Us area of the site.

You can also contact Nottingham Playhouse, where I'm an Associate Artist and am likely to read any work you send in, through their unsolicited scripts submissions.