Progress, so far, 12th May 2013

posted 13 May 2013, 14:06 by Gareth Morgan   [ updated 13 May 2013, 14:08 ]

"You go out there as who you are, you do things the way you feel you need to do them and the moment of theatre will frame you, allow you to be and hold you together" - Philipp Gehmacher in Throwing the Body into the Fight: a Portrait of Raimund Hoghe*

"Carry on. Until the scene becomes improbable. Until you have the impression, for the briefest of moments, that you are in a strange town or, better still, until you can no longer understand what is happening or is not happening, until the whole place becomes strange, and you no longer even know that this is what is called a town, a street, buildings, pavement…" - Georges Perec in Species of Spaces

I'm wandering, through a land of shapes and shadows. It's dark around me and I'm not sure where I'm going has any signs. I'll just have to ask anyone I find. But I keep trudging, why wouldn't I? I have a show to put on and a lot of lines to learn.

Notes… has evolved over the last week. I've had meetings with different inspirational/inquisitorial outside-eyes, who have questioned the things I never really thought about as I was too busy making the words sound pretty, which they do. Who is talking? What is A's relationship to B? X's to Y? Why do the audience care? Won't they switch off in the this protracted black-out? Through these questions the first two acts are pretty much there after I have tweaked and solidified what is going on in my head. This means they transfer properly into rehearsal, rather than blocking/staging ideas, on Monday! Act 3 will also get its cosmetic overhaul to make it fit its new beginnings too next week.

Process wise, although part of the text for the show is taken from The Righteous Brothers' 1964 classic, and Nottingham Forest fan favourite**, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin', I'm actually enjoying other people poking around in the work. The song's second verse contains the line "you're starting to criticize little things I do". This however, despite the song's assertion that this means "something beautiful's dying", is proving brilliantly useful, and has cut the amount of costume changes I have - although I have more lines to learn. This process has forced me, in Perec's terminology, to carry on pressing, past my and my colleagues' assumptions, to make the world of David's play clear and 'improbable', whilst also being mindful of watchability (don't want it to be dull).

However, despite of the kindness of theatrical strangers on my journey, I'm still the obdurate and stubborn artist I think I am. I will still 'do things the way I feel need to do them'***. Also, here's some snaps of me tying a tie… Fascinating.

*Thanks to Michael Pinchbeck for pointing me toward this quotation

** Still struggling not to stand up and sing it with my arms aloft and outstretched

*** the bold Is are intentional. I intent to be bold.

Image Credit: Kris Jennings