In Development

I am currently working on...

A history of Western capitalism, in roughly 45 minutes or about 27 rolls of the dice or until I throw a 180.
I am an old boot and the further and further I go, the more fucked I get.
"I've seen the future; I can't afford it" - Martin Fry, ABC
"Super, smashing, great" - Jim Bowen, Bullseye

In 1844, a bearded German political economist writes that “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” Maybe today's opium can be bought, with cold hard cash.
Or oil.
Or political influence.
Or skill in the rolling of a few dice, the trading of a few cards, and the throwing of three darts.

A domestic heater salesman from Germantown, Philadelphia loses his job in a stock market downturn. He decides to market a game, where you ruthlessly buy property and tax the bum who lands on it. He gets rich.

There's an irony.

A show, a game, a religion, a currency, a charging bull, a pair of red braces and one last pound coin, "a Thatcher" because it's thick, brassy and thinks it's a sovereign.

A show with pedagogical principles: 
  1. Can the audience understand or do something new when they leave the lecture [performance] that they could not have done, at all or as effectively, intuitively?
  2. Can the audience express the lecture's [performance's] practical use to someone who has not seen the lecture [performance] or to someone who is resistant to the lecture [performance]?

Monochrome [IKB]
A conceptual biography of a man who falls.