Performance Making

My 'Performance'

As a dramaturg and theatre-maker, I see the work that I make as something that tries to have adventures with text, plays with words and investigates what these things might actually mean in a performance context. I like to look at what isn't said usually and say it any way. I like to write about relationships - those between lovers, family members, people in the street, art and ourselves - and loneliness. I'm interested in form, often more so than actual content.

I try to make performance that aims to excite both its makers and its audiences; that perhaps sets off without a certain destination in mind and wants to tell personal stories, mainly about what matters most to those making it, and see what that means to everyone. 

These stories usually involve a microphone at some point.

The links to pages below are documentation of the shows I've made as a theatre-maker:
Plus some other sub-pages of ideas I've been working on.