Past Projects

Lead Producer on FONT Fest 2017.

Dramaturg on First Person for Toby Ealden and Zest Theatre.

Associate Dramaturg on Ada for Giles Croft/Adam McCready and Nottingham Playhouse/Poetical Machines.

Associate Dramaturg on Shebeen for Nottingham Playhouse.

Dramaturg on Poet in da Corner for Debris Stevenson and Nottingham Playhouse.

Finalist for the Kenneth Tynan Award for Dramaturgy in the UK by The Dramaturgs' Network.

Associate Dramaturg on Woman in Paper R&D for Julia Locasio and Nottingham Playhouse.

Associate Dramaturg on Darkness Darkness for Giles Croft, Jack McNamara and Nottingham Playhouse.

Director-Curator on BREXIT: The Write Club Response [Escape to Euroland, Stateless, Send Them Back, Whatever, 'Dis Functional Family, Motherland and UKexitfor Act 2, neat16 and Nottingham Playhouse. 

Lead Producer on FONT Fest 2016.

Associate Dramaturg on KINGS for Fiona Buffini and Nottingham Playhouse.

Associate Dramaturg on Any Means Necessary for Giles Croft and Nottingham Playhouse.

Associate Producer on Play Shuffle for Ruby Glaskin, In Good Company, Attenborough Arts Centre and Derby Theatre.

Dramaturg on Thrive for Toby Ealden and Zest Theatre.

Associate Artist on Thorney Beginnings, Bolsover Bingo and But I Know This City for Andy Barrett and Excavate.

Dramaturg on Dancehall for Esther Richardson and Cast in Doncaster.

Script Judge on Most Promising Playwright award for Fifth Word, Nottingham Playhouse and Arts Council England.

Outside Eye on Reverend Raccoon for Jeremy Fletcher and Sheep Prod Theatre. 

Programming Associate for Michaela Butter and Attenborough Arts Centre.

Director-Curator of No Lie Notts [The Big Hat, Measuring Us and Absence of Consequence] for FONT Fest.

Co-Producer on FONT Fest 2015.

Outside Eye/Associate Dramaturg on Tony's Last Tape by Andy Barrett for Giles Croft and Nottingham Playhouse.

Outside Eye/Associate Dramaturg on How to Breath by Mufaro Makubika for Esther Richardson and Nottingham Playhouse.

Director-Curator and Producer of Script Slam #3 [Scraps] for Cast in Doncaster. 

Dramaturg on Kes for Kully Thiarai, Philip Osment and Cast in Doncaster.

Director-Dramaturg of Story Scavengers for Derby Theatre and DEparture Lounge Festival.

Director-Curator of Script Slam #2 [Nigel's Adventure in Welfare Land and Preservation] for Cast in Doncaster. 

Director of Witkiewicz Now: Theatre of the Fantastic and The Water Hen (rehearsed reading) for Nottingham Playhouse, School of English, Nottingham University and neat14 Festival.

Director of Bad Blood by Hugh Dichmont, The Visit by Subika Anwar and Stasis by Emily Holyoake (rehearsed readings) for Nottingham Playhouse and neat14 Festival.

Director-Curator of Script Slam #1 [Zombie Apocalypsefor Cast in Doncaster.

Dramaturg on The Dancehall (R&D project) for Esther Richardson and Cast in Doncaster.

Curator and Producer on EXEplorer for Exeter University.

General Producer on RAW: Emerging Artists Platform for Exeter University and Exeter Northcott.

Performer, Writer and Co-Director on Notes on Some Persons, Starting to Crack for 6016 Theatre, Exeter Ignite Festival and Exeter Nortcott.
"Mesmerising and technically very strong. Subtle use of music and overdubbing lent a richness to [the] text…a soliloquy with hints of soul and eloquence" - Roger Jarman, Wildfire.

Performer and Dramaturg on Coriolanus [No Grain, No Oil, No Show] for Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir/Brite Theatre. 

Assistant Producer on Making Tracks for Kate Chapman, with Nottingham Playhouse, New Perspective and Lincoln Drill Hall.

Performer, Writer and Co-Director on As Yet, Untitled for 6016 Theatre and the Bike Shed Theatre.
"a clever deconstruction of the entire premise of the theatre" - RazzMag.Wordpress.

Producer-Director on Return to the Forbidden Planet for Nottingham Youth Theatre.

Associate Editor of fringebiscuit at Edinburgh 2012.

Producer on ACT2 #3: Yankee Zulu by Hugh Dichmont
for Quirksome Theatre.

Producer on Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer
for Richie Garton, Quirksome Theatre.

Performer/Maker/Englebert Humperdinck in Press:Play for Leicester Curve, National Youth Theatre and IdeasTap.

Dramaturg on Woyzeck by Georg Büchner in a version by Robin Kingsland for Sarah Stephenson, Nottingham Playhouse.

Dramaturg on Forever Young Revival by Erik Gedeon for Giles Croft, Nottingham Playhouse and Ipswich New Wolsey.
"A theatrical SAGA" - Nottingham Evening Post.

Co-Curator of ACT2 
#2: Truth's Vision by Lily Lowe Myers and Robyn Cooper, with Beth Shouler for Quirksome Theatre.

Step-Up Company Dramaturg and Dream Up Script Submissions Judge on Goldfish for New Perspectives Theatre Company.

Script Editor on Cindy Pauper - The Panto for Nottingham Youth Theatre/Nottingham Arts Theatre.

Co-Director on If You're Glad, I'll be Frank by Tom Stoppard with Liam Gardiner Webber,
Nottingham Youth Theatre.

Programmer on Nottingham Youth Theatre's One Act Festival for
Nottingham Youth Theatre/Nottingham Arts Theatre.

Dramaturg on 27/Cat in Hell for Ollie Smith and Phoebe Walsh/Olwen Davies.

Creative Associate (text) on The Journey to X for Beth Shouler, Junk Shop Theatre.

Creative Associate on The Ugly One by Marius von Mayenburg
for Quirksome Theatre.

Director/Ben on Practically Married by Richie Garton for Quirksome Theatre & EMTAC's Scratch Caf

Co-Curator of ACT2 
#1: Renfield by Marty Ross with Richie Garton, Quirksome Theatre.

Director on Untitled by Louise Singleton for TWP and Momentum '11.

Script Editor on Back on the Yellow Brick Road for Nottingham Youth Theatre/Nottingham Arts Theatre.

Writer-Director on Births, Deaths and Marriages: Nottingham Forest, My Father and Me for 6016 Theatre, Hatch, Nottingham Forest FC and NEAT11.
"Honest and touching" – LeftLion.
"A sweet natured tribute to a football-mad father [with] touching emotional honesty" – Wayne Burrows.
"Not a sad story about tortured paternal relationship...[but] a unique mobile insight into [the writer's] relationship with his dad [where] Forest history and personal history overlap" - Nottingham Evening Post.

Associate (text) on The Beauty Manifesto for Beth Shouler, Junk Shop Theatre, at Sheffield Crucible and the National Theatre - Olivier.

Creative Associate on The Bear, The Proposal, The Evils of Tobbacco and Swansong for Richie Garton, Quirksome Theatre.

Director-Playwright on Harry, England and St George... for Nottingham Youth Theatre and Nottingham City Council.

Creative Associate on Art by Yasmina Reza for Nick Newman, Quirksome Theatre.

Director-Facilitator on 6 mini-street installations for Light Night with Nottingham Youth Theatre and Shrug.

Dramaturg on Forever Young Revival by Erik Gedeon for Giles Croft, Nottingham Playhouse.
"Even better than it was first time round... It's not simply a toe-tapping laugh generator: it's moving and life-affirming... a must-must-see." - Nottingham Evening Post.

Director on A Midsummer Night's Dream for Nottingham Youth Theatre 10-13.

Script Mentor on Peter Panto for Nottingham Youth Theatre.


Script Supervisor on Wings for Esther Richardson.

Performer in The Book that Nobody Wrote for Kristy Guest at hatch: It's About Time.

Production and Literary Assistant on Momentum Theatre Festival for Theatre Writing Partnership.

Director and Script Mentor on There's No Place Like Rome for Nottingham Youth Theatre.

Associate Editor of fringebiscuit at Edinburgh 2010.

Dramaturg and Researcher on Families of Lockerbie by Michael Eaton for Giles Croft, Nottingham Playhouse.
"Tirelessly researched" - LeftLion.
"A stunning production" - British Theatre Guide.
"The production bravely confronts terrible truths, without a single drop of mawkishness or exploitation" - Guide2Nottingham.

Literary Manager-Dramaturg of The Nottingham Triliteral Stageplay Festival working closely with all nine playwrights involved. Associate Director of three of the festival’s plays: The Mason’s Apprentice, The Land of the Lost and Found and The Blazers.
"A great way for new writers to be heard and their works to be brought to people in a comfortable and laid back manner." – LeftLion.
"Refreshingly competent... there's much to enjoy in this imaginative family show" - The Scotsman.

IdeasTap reporter from the National Student Drama Festival.

Dramaturg on Forever Young by Erik Gedeon for Giles Croft, Nottingham Playhouse.
"If other companies can perform Forever Young as well as Giles Croft's troupe, this song drama might well still be produced in 2050" - British Theatre Guide.
"Another must-see" - Nottingham Evening Post.
"Goes down a storm with the audience" - Alfred Hickling, The Guardian.

Director-Playwright on Murder at the Music Hall for Nottingham Youth Theatre.


Playwright and Assistant Director on Nottingham by the Sea: The Last Resort for Nottingham Youth Theatre and the SEAS International Festival, Skegness.

Assistant Director and Script Mentor on Thespian Vampire Killers for Nottingham Youth Theatre.

Dramaturg on Pericles, Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare for Jonathan Munby.

Creative Team for The Wizard of Menlo by Edmond Konrád for Thomas Martin and StudioSpace, University of Bristol.

Assistant Director on Suspension by Catherine Johnston for Heather Williams, the Bristol Old Vic Company, Bristol Old Vic.
"[The] production has a striking, sometimes scary, vivacity" - The Independent.
"[The] production joins the dots between sitcom brightness and a doomy denoument that strains, but doesn't break, credibility" - Dominic Maxwell, The Times.
"Positively crackles with life and energy" - Charles Spencer, The Telegraph.

Research for Dr Katja Krebs, University of Bristol.

Assistant Director-Dramaturg on The Oresteia by Aeschylus in a version by Tony Harrison for StudioSpace, University of Bristol, and Professor Martin White.


Creative Team for The Bald Prima Donna by Eugene Ionesco for Eszter Kalman and StudioSpace, University of Bristol.

Director-Dramaturg on Hedda Gabler/Charlie’s Party by Henrik Ibsen/Devised for StudioSpace, University of Bristol.

Assistant Director-Dramaturg on The Hamlet Project, adapted and devised by the company, for StudioSpace, University of Bristol, and Duška Radosavljević.

Director-Dramaturg on A Gas Heart by Tristan Tzara for StudioSpace, University of Bristol.